Multidisciplinary Training

Dr. Alexander’s training and experience at the National Naval Medical Center, in Bethesda, MD sets him apart.  Unlike most chiropractors, Dr. Alexander completed rotations with various medical specialties including Neurosurgery, Pain Management, Physical Therapy, Rheumatology, and Radiology.  This integrated health care experience allows Dr. Alexander to analyze patient care from a different perspective and ensures if your condition requires co-treatment from another health care professional, Dr. Alexander is able to accurately make the referral.

Soft Tissue Treatments

Dr. Alexander is one of the few doctors in Ohio to be certified in both Graston and Active Release Techniques.  The human body is much more than just bones and Dr. Alexander addresses the entire scope of your condition by treating the muscles and connective tissue along with the alignment of your bones.  Using these soft tissue treatments along with chiropractic adjustments allows for more effective and lasting results getting you back to optimal health as quickly as possible.

Sports Experience

Many chiropractors claim to be “sports chiropractors” but few actually have experience working with a sports team.  Dr. Alexander worked with the 2009-2010 Naval Academy football team and understands the demands these athletes face and the various treatment options they can access.  Besides football players, Dr. Alexander also worked with Naval Academy wrestlers, soccer players, and basketball players.

A Pain Free future Is Possible

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