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Auto Injuries

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We Understand the Process of Recovery from Auto Injuries

At Alexander Chiropractic we routinely work with those affected from car crashes, and have detailed protocol to make sure you are able to handle all facets of an auto injury and get back to feeling like yourself. We hope to be a place where integrated chiropractic expertise meets empathy as you recover. We excel in addressing the complexities of soft tissue damage caused by the violence of collisions, like whiplash, and have a great deal of experience treating patients suffering from auto injuries.

Helping You Advocate for Your Best Interest

Beyond our chiropractic approach to auto injuries, we treat our patients like family and understand the difficulty of navigating the insurance claims process and the legal intricacies following an auto injury. We offer rock solid documentation and partner with a reputable lawfirm to offer ethical legal support without compromise. Our commitment to being a reliable resource for our patients means we don’t earn any commissions from lawyer recommendations. 

Our mission is to empower you to advocate for your own case and health, safeguarding you from being taken advantage of. At our practice, your whole-self recovery is our priority, and we are here to guide you with expertise, compassion, and integrity.

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Whiplash and Other Injuries

The primary reason why rear-end collisions cause injury is that the human spine is designed to withstand vertical forces, while a rear-end collision is a horizontal force. The vertical forces are known as “axial” forces. The horizontal forces, known as “shear” forces, cause unnatural movements of the cervical spine and can result in damage to the ligaments of the neck. In whiplash, the head and torso are moving in different directions, resulting in damage to the tissues of the neck.

At our practice we specialize in helping clients of all ages recover and heal from whiplash and related bone, disc, ligament, vascular and muscle injuries caused by auto accidents. We are known for our thorough work with insurance companies and using a broad range of treatment options to help you restore your mobility and feel pain free again.

Most Common Injuries From Auto Accidents that we Treat

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