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True Integrated Care

Customized for you

Expert-Led Pain Relief & Prevention

Our experienced staff practices a multi-disciplinary approach to a thorough, whole body exam and a highly personalized treatment plan developed just for you. We provide the most patient-focused, medically integrated chiropractic experience in the greater Columbus, Ohio area. 

The results? Immediate relief from acute pain along with patient education, proactive therapies, and strength building, helping you prevent further injury and continue feeling like your best self.

Dr. Kyle Alexander

Medically integrated treatment focused on

Instant Relief & Future Wellness

How it Works

We’re Here for Your Whole Healing Journey

Get a Thorough Assessment

On your first visit, to our Clintonville chiropractic office you’ll begin with a detailed history with our case manager, followed by a comprehensive medical exam with a nurse practitioner based on your complaints. We’ll also grab an x-ray while you’re here.

Receive You-focused Treatment

Once we’ve gotten to know you, our team works to develop a plan specific to you. We’ll meet a few days after your first appointment to review your x-rays and treatment plan, so you’ll know exactly what the game plan is.

Heal, Learn, And Grow Stronger

Your following appointments will be a combination of integrated care with our chiropractor, nurse practitioner, physiotherapist, and acupuncturist, based on your personal treatment plan.

Live Your Best Life with Support

We aim to send you out of treatment with improved well-being and better understanding of how to maintain optimal health. We’re committed to supporting our patients, and happy to help you with check-ins and return visits as needed!

I had chronic lower back pain for two years before going in to see Dr. Alexander, and my only regret is that I didn’t go in sooner. I tried massage and physical therapy to no avail. What I learned is that a holistic approach, like the one Dr. Alexander offers, combining chiropractic treatments with physical therapy, is the key.

- Sabina K.

A Pain Free future Is Possible

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