Medical Weight Loss

Helping patients achieve personalized, supervised, sustainable medical weight loss

Our Approach to 
Safe Medical Weight Loss

According to a study by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, Every pound of body weight places 4-6 pounds of pressure on each knee.

At The Alexander Center we have seen first-hand some of the pain and mobility issues caused by carrying excess weight. Because our mission is whole body healing, we wanted to provide medical weight loss as a secondary service for patients looking for further assistance in achieving their health goals. While medical weight loss medication is available over the counter, it can be very difficult to navigate dosage and find success without a professional. We offer exceptional care throughout the process ensuring both safety and effectiveness.

A friend referred me to Dr. Alexander’s office. From my very first visit, I felt completely comfortable with the engaging staff and knew that I had found a partner in health with Dr. Alexander. He’s such a positive practitioner who casts a vision for progressing towards health while living “real” life. My pain levels and mobility have improved so much.

Carrie D.

How Does the Process Work?

We use tirzepatide (mounjaro) to help patients manage weight that directly impacts the orthopedic conditions we treat. This drug is proven to be more effective than semaglutide (ozempic) as it targets two receptor sites instead of one. This allows patients to use a lower dose to achieve therapeutic benefit, reducing the potential side effects. 

Once we’ve decided a patient is eligible for this treatment, we guide them through a series of 13 examinations over a period of six months to ensure that their dosage is correct and they are responding appropriately.  After the six month period, patients will be on their therapeutic dose until their goals are achieved. 

How Our Treatment is Different

Patients interested in this treatment can access it right here in our clinic. Additionally, many providers often overlook the importance of weaning patients down to a maintenance dose.  Instead of abruptly stopping medication, we work with patients to find a low dosage to allow their body to prepare for life without the medication.  This will make the transition easier on their body chemistry and help avoid putting the weight back on.

Benefits of Safe Medical Weight Loss

A Pain Free future Is Possible

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