About our practice

Our Mission

To deliver the most advanced and medically comprehensive care to our patients so they can keep doing the things they love

How We Are Different

Many hospital groups and private practices are too big to deliver true integrated care. Alexander Chiropractic stands out by offering a nurse practitioner, chiropractor, physical rehab specialist and case manager all under one roof, all within one appointment. Together, they develop a detailed treatment plan and deliver comprehensive care to patients looking for results.

Alexander Chiropractic is also utilizing cutting edge technology to address large joint and soft tissue injuries. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and stem cell injections are dramatically changing the way we think about treating orthopedic injuries. These treatment options provide opportunities to regenerate tissue and avoid major surgery with little to no recovery time.

“Our integration has brought together medical providers, physical rehabilitation staff and a chiropractic physician to provide superior care for our patients while developing long-lasting relationships. It is our mission to make a difference in your life.”

- Dr. Kyle Alexander

Our Background & Goal

Alexander Chiropractic Muscle & Joint Therapy is an integrated orthopedic practice dedicated to treating each patient in a comprehensive way.  Our goal is not to simply provide symptom relief but to seek out the underlying cause and treat the patient as a whole to correct the problem and prevent future injuries.  

Dr. Alexander created this practice in order to bring a new level of orthopedic care to central Ohio, merging his own extensive experience of spinal care and sports injuries with an experienced team of medical professionals ready to come alongside patients to find relief and healing.

High Standards, High Quality

Ensuring we use only the highest quality treatment and resources for our patients is a top priority and we pride ourselves on offering organic, whole-food supplements to support patients’ needs.  

10 years ago I had to unremitting sciatica pain and was ready for surgery. I had tried medications. PT, osteopathic manipulation – none helped. After about 6-8 appointments my pain left and hasn’t returned!  As a 73 year old active individual I still see him for occasional flare ups. I strongly recommend Dr. Alexander, especially for neck, back, and leg pain.

John F.

A Pain Free future Is Possible

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