Sarah L.

Dr. Alexander is a fantastic doctor. I have been seeing him a little over 3 years now to help me work through my aches and pains that come along with marathon training. Whenever I brake down, Dr. Alexander always helps put me back together even better than before. By continuing to see Dr. Alexander, I have achieved personal records in my marathons which is something I never thought my body could accomplish at such an intense running pace for 26.2 miles. I will be running marathon #12 this spring and look forward to working with Dr. Alexander yet again! If you are an endurance athlete looking for a great chiropractor in central Ohio, Dr. Alexander is the one!

Angie K.

I came in to see Dr. Alexander after spending 5 days with lower back pain on the left side due to over-exertion from a yoga intensive. He quickly diagnosed rotation of L1, did a simple treatment, and the pain was gone. I was relieved and elated! I’m impressed by his genuineness, his recall of things I’ve shared with him in past visits, and his friendliness that is balanced with professionalism. I feel confident referring my own patients, family, and friends to him.

Dan “Wes” Wesley

My experience with Dr. Alexander has been nothing less than superb on both a Personal and Professional end.

Personal: Being a competitive age grouper in Triathlon and Cycling I suffer from the common overuse aches and pains that come along with training and racing. Dr. Alexander’s deep knowledge of the endurance athletes needs, both physical and mental, has proven to benefit me throughout the years. With his expert chiropractic adjustments, ART, and physio therapy techniques; Dr. Alexander has played a key role in keeping me injury free and on track with my training. The results have given me the capability to consistently train without the typical setbacks that come from overuse injuries I have had in the past. Due to his specific course of action for Me, I have experienced some of my best results racing in recent months, including a 5K PR by a 1:40. Dr.Alexander’s unique and expert skill set has played a major role in my endurance sport success!

Professional: As a USA Cycling Coach and Certified RETUL Bike Fitter, I come across athletes everyday that are suffering from overuse injuries. These are typically a result in muscle imbalances and asymmetries in the pelvic and spine regions. I have been recommending Dr. Alexander for over 1 and a half years and have found his expertise in Endurance athletes to be extremely valuable to my clients and athletes of all levels. His deep knowledge and understanding of the breakdowns that can occur during endurance training has proved to be extremely valuable to these athletes in helping them to achieve their training and racing goals.

Cheryl E.

Five years of pain gone in five minutes. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? I suffered with sciatic pain every day for five years. Just one treatment from Dr. Alexander and I experienced pain relief for the first time! Dr. Alexander is helping me to live my life without pain and also helping with my weight loss goals. Dr. Alexander includes me in the decision making process concerning my treatment plan and there are no surprises. He and his staff are very professional and friendly and you feel like part of the family in their office. I would tell those skeptical about chiropractic care to make an appointment and experience this for yourself. It is incredible.

Bob K.

I didn’t realize that my former student, Kyle Alexander, was such an extraordinary practitioner until I had a 20 minute session in Athens at
the halfway point of Peletonia 2010. I limped in after the 100 miles of riding and the next day, I rode back to Columbus as if I were riding a
race, a 100 mile time trial. I felt so good, I just put the hammer down the whole way. Maybe the best ride of my life. I felt great. He was at the finish area and I told every single rider I knew to go right over and get worked on by him. To a person, they had nothing but positive comments. He’s the man.

Laurel K.

I went to see Dr. Alexander for headaches and tense/stiff shoulders and neck and felt it was the best chiropractic treatment I’ve ever received. I have had massage and chiropractic treatments separately before to help with these issues but felt that my treatment from Dr. Alexander combined massage techniques followed by the chiropractic adjustment that made it seem so much more effective, relaxing and productive. The stretching and core strengthening exercises that he gave me have really helped as well. Combine that with a Dr. that listens to what your issues are and has a great bedside manner, and I will be back when I get out of alignment again!

John F., PhD

I can’t say enough how working with Dr. Alexander has helped me. I had all but given up on any type of consistent running. I have tried many different treatments and medications. Dr. Alexander’s approach has greatly diminished my leg pain to the point that I am back to running 30 miles a week and have confidence that I will continue to improve under his treatment and guidance. I strongly recommend him to those who want to maintain an active lifestyle.

Bonnie D.

I have dealt with fibromyalgia for over 20 years. Medication for the pain and exercise were prescribed to ease the symptoms. Going to a chiropractor wasn’t anything I considered trying to help relieve the pain. My daughter gets chiropractic care and one Saturday I went with her to see if there was any thing that could be done for my condition. The pain was getting worse and no amount of exercise or pain pills was helping. After talking with Dr. Kyle I decided to at least give it a try – I had nothing to lose. The adjustments were working to alleviate the pain, but for only short periods of time. We then talked about natural vitamins and minerals and how helpful they were in healing the body. After filling out a questionnaire and going over the results, Dr Kyle recommended four different types of vitamins and minerals for me to take. I went home and started taking them with my lunch that day. Upon waking up the next day, to my amazement, I was in no pain! I could get up out of the bed and start walking without any pain and not bent over. I hadn’t felt this good since before having fibromyalgia. The results are a wonderful reminder that you can regain your health if you do the things necessary to help your body come back to what nature intended it to be.

Bethany G.

Dr. Kyle Alexander has eased my fears of traditional chiropractic care and has educated me about the relationship between chiropractic care and overall health & prevention of illness and disease. He is very caring, extremely skilled, and it is obvious he loves to help people feel better. I feel comfortable asking him questions related to my overall health, and I am getting physically and mentally stronger every day from following his recommendations in addition to receiving treatments.