Dan “Wes” Wesley

My experience with Dr. Alexander has been nothing less than superb on both a Personal and Professional end.

Personal: Being a competitive age grouper in Triathlon and Cycling I suffer from the common overuse aches and pains that come along with training and racing. Dr. Alexander’s deep knowledge of the endurance athletes needs, both physical and mental, has proven to benefit me throughout the years. With his expert chiropractic adjustments, ART, and physio therapy techniques; Dr. Alexander has played a key role in keeping me injury free and on track with my training. The results have given me the capability to consistently train without the typical setbacks that come from overuse injuries I have had in the past. Due to his specific course of action for Me, I have experienced some of my best results racing in recent months, including a 5K PR by a 1:40. Dr.Alexander’s unique and expert skill set has played a major role in my endurance sport success!

Professional: As a USA Cycling Coach and Certified RETUL Bike Fitter, I come across athletes everyday that are suffering from overuse injuries. These are typically a result in muscle imbalances and asymmetries in the pelvic and spine regions. I have been recommending Dr. Alexander for over 1 and a half years and have found his expertise in Endurance athletes to be extremely valuable to my clients and athletes of all levels. His deep knowledge and understanding of the breakdowns that can occur during endurance training has proved to be extremely valuable to these athletes in helping them to achieve their training and racing goals.