Bonnie D.

I have dealt with fibromyalgia for over 20 years. Medication for the pain and exercise were prescribed to ease the symptoms. Going to a chiropractor wasn’t anything I considered trying to help relieve the pain. My daughter gets chiropractic care and one Saturday I went with her to see if there was any thing that could be done for my condition. The pain was getting worse and no amount of exercise or pain pills was helping. After talking with Dr. Kyle I decided to at least give it a try – I had nothing to lose. The adjustments were working to alleviate the pain, but for only short periods of time. We then talked about natural vitamins and minerals and how helpful they were in healing the body. After filling out a questionnaire and going over the results, Dr Kyle recommended four different types of vitamins and minerals for me to take. I went home and started taking them with my lunch that day. Upon waking up the next day, to my amazement, I was in no pain! I could get up out of the bed and start walking without any pain and not bent over. I hadn’t felt this good since before having fibromyalgia. The results are a wonderful reminder that you can regain your health if you do the things necessary to help your body come back to what nature intended it to be.